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We believe that maintenance is not equal to the service, even if how seriously, to the consumer is worry;

The real service, is should win the satisfaction rather than interfere with public life;

We are dedicated to the service process is changed, QuanYuanHua and quality controlled change to promote completely

With high-quality goods make enterprise reputation

Service commitment

1. The company will before - for the customer to "staff", according to the customer's actual demand carefully prepared

Product performance is introduced, and can be free for the customer design or modify drawings.

2. Sale - company will in the process of production problems and progress timely communication with customer, to ensure that production

Product on time delivery.

3. After - the company will assist the customer's operation, and maintenance personnel necessary training

Service network

    Hubei putian cable co., LTD., long-term commitment to the marketing network construction, marketing network all over the country provinces, municipalities. Actively participate in international competition, the products are exported to the United States, Japan, Indonesia, Albania. With high quality, good after-sales service to win public praise.

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