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    mpanies adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, talent is the source of the enterprise power.

Company employing principle is "almighty, YongZhe down". A person with lofty ideals come putian cable, you will be a high-speed development, dynamic enterprise lost. You will feel a young team for you brought about by the entrepreneurial passion.

The customer is supreme is our idea, the reasonable request of the customers is the company's highest administrative orders, be kind to customers is good to the company that treat themselves.

As putian cable staff you get is not only for your personal enterprises bring wealth and wisdom, and get more will be into a kind of cultural connotation of the deep expression.

Marketing personnel: many

1) technical secondary school degree or above, have more than two years work experience in electrical wire and cable industry.

2) familiar with communication, electronic industry OEM and EMS customers, security monitoring, computer network, building talkback, integrated wiring system and other areas of sales experience.

3) good written and oral communication ability, be good at computer operation and office and other office software, and through the B2B electronic commerce network marketing, network marketing planning with experience.

4) good communication, coordination and interpersonal skills.

5) honest, confident, treats people the enthusiasm, initiative and have a strong sense of responsibility.

Wire line workers: two

1) mechanical or electronic related college degree or above.

2) have development experience, has the team cooperation spirit, can bear hardships and stand hard work.

3) good communication ability, have 5 years of working experience.

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