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Hubei province putian cable company specializing in the production of wire and cable, is the collection development, production, sales in the integration of comprehensive electric wire and cable of the modern enterprise. Company of "first-class quality, first-class brand, first-class reputation, first-class service" the management idea, respect for science, pay attention to talents, condensing a batch of modern enterprise management experience of the industry elite, and advanced process equipment and testing equipment, ensure that the requirements of the quality of the products, with high quality and sincere service to meet the needs of the customers and market. Electric wire and cable professional production experience has made "the pursuit of excellence quality, choose wantong brand cables" of good reputation.

     Company in strict accordance with the national standards for product development and production, the main production is: power cables, control cables, security, civil wire wire, automotive wire, network rubber wire, low voltage electric wire, cable, environmentally friendly flame retardant wire and cable, automotive thin-wall high temperature, environmental protection, such as wire series, wire and cable, namely: RVV, AVVR, RVVP, BV, BVVB, QVR, RV, SYV, VV, VV22, YZ, YH, etc. The products are all the current national standard or ministry of standard, passed the national compulsory certification (CCC), electrical and electronics products: the authentication standard the GB5023.3-1997, GB5023.5-1997, JB8734.2-1998, JB8734.4-1998, JB8734.5-1998, and can according to customer demand for the development and production of new products.

     We firmly believe that "science is the first productive force", "development is the absolute principle", and for this purpose, actively warmly for the general customer service, be your most sincere friend! Hope is in tomorrow, is the future! Let us join hands to go to meet tomorrow, create the future!

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